7 Ways to Reduce That Unsightly Cellulite

reduce cellulite

Cellulite is natural and common, and around 93% of women have them, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you are looking for ways to remove or at least reduce cellulite, then that’s alright too.

But before you start scrubbing and using countless products or do countless treatments to remove your cellulite, it is important to keep in mind that you might not be able to remove your cellulite entirely. It is caused by fat deposits accumulating beneath your skin, which everybody has, regardless of how healthy or active you are.

Fortunately, there are simple and natural ways and tricks that can help if you want to camouflage your cellulite or minimize its appearance. Also, take note that some might work better than others, and there is no single treatment or lifestyle change that will work the same for everyone.


1. Exercise Regularly

One of the common things that bring cellulite is the lack of physical activity. Having an active lifestyle provides a lot of good things to your body as well as your overall health. Getting physical, whatever activity it is you prefer, will help improve your blood circulation as well as in firming your skin, which is both essential in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Based on research, exercising regularly helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by making the area in your skin firmer and smoother.

Instead of that unsightly cellulite, you’ll get more toned muscles and a lean definition to your skin, especially if you add weight training to your regular exercises.

2. Drink a Lot of Water

Dehydration is another possible reason for that cellulite. And for that, drinking a lot of water might help in reducing them.

And while it might appear like a very basic solution but consuming plenty of H2O is believed to aid in a lot of conditions, and that includes cellulite appearing in your body. Although drinking lots of water will not erase all those unsightly bumps and lines, cellulite appears worse if you are dehydrated. When you are dehydrated, your skin weakens and becomes thinner. And when your skin becomes very thin, cellulite appears more visibly.

So, load up on water if you want to reduce cellulite.

3. Lose Excess Weight

Since the excess fat deposits under your skin cause the appearance of cellulite, then reducing your body’s overall fat might be effective in reducing that unsightly cellulite. In that case, you should start losing that excess weight. You can do that in a lot of ways, which includes doing regular exercise and eating more healthy food choices.

And while your diet will not be solely responsible for the reduced appearance of your cellulite, but eating healthy means you are not loading up on too many fatty foods that may cause excess fat buildup that causes cellulite.

4. Try Using a Coffee Scrub

Body scrubs are great for making your skin feel soothed and smooth. And if you want to reduce that cellulite from your skin in time for summer at the beach, then you might want to consider using scrubs in your regular body and skincare routine.

Coffee scrub, in particular, helps tighten the skin and makes it look plump, which due to the caffeine it contains. Ground coffee used as an exfoliant also helps smooth and firm the skin, which minimizes the appearance of that cellulite. Using scrubs and massaging the skin also helps improve the blood circulation, which is excellent for overall skin health.

5. Topical Retinoids

Applying treatments topically is another simple thing you can do to help reduce cellulite manifestations in your skin. There are a lot of creams and lotions available in the market that you can use, but one of the common and highly used topical ingredients against cellulite is retinoids.

Retinoids are chemical compounds, an active ingredient that is derived from vitamin A, which is a popular vitamin when it comes to skincare, especially in treating acne and skin aging.

Retinoid creams, according to studies, help improve the blood flow in the skin, which boosts its density and overall quality.

6. Try Body Brushing

One of the key takeaways when it comes to skin health in improving the skin’s blood flow. That is usually the start for smoother and more glowing skin with reduced appearance of cellulite. In that case, one of the most effective ways to help with the blood circulation of the skin is to do dry brushing.

Body brushing every day also helps jumpstart your lymphatic drainage, which is essential in eliminating toxins that can gather in the fat layer under your skin, and ultimately cause cellulite to appear. These toxins often lead to inflammation and produce more pronounced cellulite.

So, if you want to get rid of most of that unsightly cellulite, then give dry brushing a try. Take note, however, that it requires brushing your dry skin, as its name implies. You can do this before you shower, and also, don’t forget to put on a moisturizer after taking a bath to keep the skin even smoother.

7. Massage

Again, better blood flow will make your skin healthier and look smoother. In this case, massages will be beneficial as it increases the blood circulation in your body and reduces fluid buildup as well.

A Lymphatic massage, in particular, is incredibly effective when it comes to minimizing the appearance of cellulite. This type of stimulation increases the blood flow throughout the body, which is also beneficial to your skin’s health. Other massages specifically targets your cellulite, like a lipo massage, which is a mechanical massage that applies low-pressure suction and kneads to your skin. Lipo massages help break up connective tissues that cause those unsightly dimples in your skin.

While you can’t entirely erase, you can reduce cellulite, ensuring a healthy skin is one of the cores when it comes to reducing the appearance of your cellulite. And when it comes to healthy skin, the essential method is to improve its blood flow plus reducing the excess fats in your body that causes buildup that causes the appearance of cellulite.







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