8 Health Benefits Turmeric Has on Your Body

health benefits of tumeric

If you are familiar with the food culture of India, you must also be aware of turmeric. This spice is native to South Asia, including the second most populated country in the world.

Moreover, when you visit India, you will find the bright yellow fragrant powder illuminating the residential properties there.

In a 2019 New York Times article, the member of the ginger family reportedly has been a staple of Ayurvedic medicine.

This reality has been the case for thousands of years, as per the report.

National Ayurvedic Medical Association board member Anupama Kizhakkeveettil described the spice as favorable and is one of the most significant herbs.

Furthermore, aside from the cuisine, the spice finds itself interwoven into the healing customs and everyday life in India.

Based on a report from Nutrition Business Journal, in the United States, products with turmeric as one of its ingredients garnered approximately $328 million in sales in 2018.

These staggering figures indicate a more-than-seven-times surge from ten years ago.

Among the products containing the South Asian spice that are available commercially are extracts, capsules, powders, and teas.

So, what is turmeric? How do you think can making it a part of your daily life benefit you, your friends, and your family members?

I. Brief Description of the Spice Native to South Asia

The medicine-focused website WebMD indicated that turmeric has other names. They are:

a) The golden spice

b) Curcuma

c) Curcumin

d) Indian Saffron

e) Safran des Indes

f) Turmeric Root

g) Curcuma aromatica

h) Curcumae longa

i) Curcuma domestica

The portal also confirmed that the herb is an offshoot of the turmeric plant. Plus, it is a type of spice that people from Asia apply to their food as a condiment or seasoning.

Aside from Asia, this tall plant grows in Central America as well, according to Medical News Today.

If you love curry, such as the delicious chicken curry, and know how to cook this dish, you are probably aware that the primary spice in this food is turmeric.

Moreover, the ground version of this spice is a primary ingredient in curry powder. The seasoning features a bitter and warm tang.

People use the spice often to give color or flavor to butter, curry powders, cheeses, and mustards.

Also, manufacturers of medicines often utilize the plant’s root in making curative products.

The South Asian spice consists of curcumin. This chemical has a yellow hue, and industry manufacturers use it as a food coloring and as a dye in cosmetics.

If you find the seasoning in your mother’s spice cabinet or kitchen shelves, the product most likely came from the plant’s ground roots.

Did you know that people worldwide also use turmeric as a healing agent? Health professionals around the globe have studied this relish.

They discovered that it has health benefits.

II. 8 Wellness Benefits of the South Asian Spice

According to WebMD, healthcare specialists use the curcumin and other chemicals found in the herbal plant to treat inflammation or swelling.

Also, this seasoning has other health perks. You may go over the queries below.

If you answer “yes” to all of them, you will also get the answers on how turmeric can improve your health.

1) Are you suffering from viral infections as influenza or herpes?

You can get timely relief by sipping some turmeric tea. This drink will make you feel better every time you feel under the weather.

Curcumin can reportedly eliminate diverse types of viruses like influenza and herpes. But, of course, if symptoms persist, you have to consult your physician.

2) Do you feel concerned that you might be at risk of cancer?

Turmeric’s curcumin content exhibits promise as a cancer cure. Multiple research projects suggest that it has safeguarding impacts.

These effects protect the human body against multiple myeloma, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

3) Do you feel depressed?

Wellness portal Healthline relayed that various research confirms that the bright yellow spice from South Asia is an effective depression remedy.

In two research projects conducted in 2014 and published in Phytotherapy Research and the Journal of Affective Disorders, the scholars discovered the curcumin in turmeric to be equally effective when people use it on its own.

Plus, a 2015 study revealed that this component of the spice could aid antidepressants in delivering better relief.

A 2017 study discovered that curcumin could be a safe and efficient natural cure option for depression as well.

Moreover, the researchers found out that, when the spice is in combination with another herb, which is saffron, curcumin can diminish the symptoms of persistent low moods effectively.

The scholars also affirmed that the spice could work well when people take it alone.

4) Do you have long-term kidney disease?

One study suggested that ingesting the South Asian spice orally thrice a day for two months decreases the itching problem of patients with long-term kidney ailment.

Furthermore, early research indicated that there are benefits in taking a particular combination product like Sami Labs LTD and C3 Complex that include curcumin and black or long pepper.

Patients who perform this daily for one month will notice a reduction in the severity of itching, according to health and medicine website WebMD.

Furthermore, people who suffer from chronic itching that mustard gas caused can witness an improvement in the quality of their existence.

5) Are you struggling with hay fever?

Have you been experiencing nasal congestion or runny nose these days? Have frequent spells of itching and sneezing been bothering you at work?

You do not have to worry because curcumin reportedly helps in making hay fever symptoms dwindle.

Therefore, you can expect to get some relief after a short while.

6) Are you suffering from the excruciating pangs of arthritis?

Good news! The South Asian spice is an effective pain reliever. It dismisses the discomfort that arthritis typically brings.

In an article published in Medical News Today, the light-yellow powder reportedly possesses properties that reduce the swelling of one part of the human body.

This anti-inflammatory feature can reportedly decrease the worsening of arthritis pain, as per the Arthritis Foundation.

Moreover, this organization recommended taking the spice in 400 to 600-milligram (mg) capsules thrice a day to mitigate inflammation.

One study on the seasoning involved research participants who took 800 mg of the spice in capsule form daily.

The findings for this research indicated that the South Asian herb has an equal ability as popular pain reliever Advil or Ibuprofen in curing arthritis on the people’s knees.

7) Are you diabetic and taking a potent cure endangering your liver?

The South Asian spice has the property to improve how your liver works. In recent years, this antioxidant ability has made the relish receive massive attention worldwide.

The antioxidant benefit of turmeric appears to be quite potent that it can halt the damage that toxins may bring to your liver.

This wellness perk is a piece of positive news for you if you have diabetes and are taking intense medicines to treat this severe medical condition.

Also, people whose livers are at risk due to their long-term use of a specific medicine for other health conditions will benefit from this advantage that the South Asian spice delivers.

8) Do you always struggle with indigestion?

The South Asian spice is, indeed, popular in curry powder. Yet, did you know that it can also assist your body in digesting food effectively?

Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, the seasoning promotes the wholesome breakdown of food.

In Ayurvedic medicine, healthcare practitioners use the South Asian spice as a curative agent.

Meanwhile, in Western medicine, healthcare researchers are now starting to assess how the light-yellow spice can aid in two benchmarks of digestive efficiency.

They are gut permeability and gut inflammation. Plus, these scholars are presently determining if the spice can remedy the irritable bowel syndrome.

Reading these eight health benefits of turmeric may make you feel impressed.

You can continue reading articles that demonstrate the results of the studies that professional researchers conducted.

Sooner rather than later, you may find every reason to avail of the products such as powder and pills that contain the botanical from the aisles of health stores near you.

Also, you may find yourself excited to grab an ice cream, lattes, and smoothies with the yellowish-brown color, which indicates that they contain that effectual South Asian spice.







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