7 Reasons Why Walking is important For Staying Healthy

walking good for health

Though technology has made it easy for one to move from one area, it has inevitably made us a ‘lazier’ community. We often depend on vehicles to travel even short distances and forget about importance of walking.

Walking is a simple fitness regime that everyone should engage in. Unlike other forms of exercises, it is free and does not tie you down to a specific station. You can walk anywhere and change the location any time to keep it fun. Taking a walk for about 30 minutes every day can keep you healthy and active. How does walking help you stay healthy?

1. It boosts your energy

Walking is a natural energy booster that can make you more productive at what you do. When you feel tired from daily activities, feel free to take a walk for some time. This can make your body feel rejuvenated, and your mind relaxed.

If you master a walking program, you can get a sense of accomplishment from it and feel more energized to increase the quality of your life. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, you can reduce symptoms of grogginess by increasing your energy levels through walking.  Fast walking can enhance muscle endurance and strength increasing your performance in daily tasks.  It can also improve physical stamina.

2. Walking regulates body hormones

Are you a lady in her fifties? You should take advantage of your free time and walk for the sake of your body hormones. Studies reveal that walking is beneficial for women since it regulates hormonal levels in the body.

This helps to lower the risk of developing breast cancer. Walking for at least one hour every day can also save men from developing prostate cancer. You can always change the routes to gain such benefits as you explore new places.

3. Prevents you from dementia

The aged should also spend some time taking walks around the neighborhood to lower the chances of getting dementia. Walking is a form of exercise that increases the circulation of blood in the body. This nourishes the brain and provides cognitive benefits to prevent mental issues like memory loss.

Dementia is a form of cognitive loss that usually comes with age.  Walking boost cerebral blood flow to combat the onset of such diseases. It prevents the brain of an old person from shrinking. Feel free to bring along some earphones as you walk since music can boost the intensity.

4. It can help you lose some weight

Walking should be your starting point when you intend to lose weight. Long distance walking allows you to shed off some fat since your body is bound to sweat.

It is a good form of exercise that does not involve a lot of high intensity.

It can also prevent you from gaining additional weight. If you don’t have the motivation, join a walking club or ask your friend to accompany you during your walk to motivate you. You can even do this with the help of a pet such as a dog.

Unlike other forms of exercise, walking does not expose you to a high risk of injuries.

You can also further boost your weight loss efforts by taking a natural weight loss supplement made from Omega 7 like Ultra Omega Burn.

This makes it easy for you to remain consistent with your routine. You will therefore not quit when you are trying to lose weight from walking.

Apart from burning calories, walking helps you minimize cravings. A study shows that people who take walks in the afternoon reduce the amount of sweet food they consume.

If you feel like taking a snack on foods such as chocolate or biscuits, take a walk. This can distract your mind from craving unhealthy foods and help you regulate what you eat.

5. Improve your mood

Walking can lift your spirit and keep you in a good mood. That is why patients who are diagnosed with depression are advised to enjoy long walks. It can decrease high-stress levels as you focus on the beauty of nature.

From walking under the sun, you also receive healthy nutrients such as vitamin D as you enhance your mental state. Vitamin D can help your body fight conditions such as depression. Most patients of depression lack enough vitamin D in the body and getting enough from the sun can combat the symptoms of depression.

As you walk, your body also releases endorphins which are feel-good chemicals located in the brain. The chemicals are responsible for putting you in a state of euphoria. Scientists say that walking is a better mood booster than running.

6. Walking is good for your bones

This physical activity strengthens your bones and prevents you from bone-related conditions such as osteoporosis. Women who have reached menopause have low levels of minerals such as calcium in the body.

This affects their bone density and increases their risk of developing diseases such as arthritis or osteoporosis. The degenerative disease is frustrating since it can cause inflammation, pain in the joints and stiffness. It makes the bones become thin and increase friction during movement.

Walking can prevent such risks and make you develop strong bones so that you can maintain healthy cartilage. You should, therefore, form a new walking routine and remain consistent with it. Don’t hesitate to reward yourself for the efforts through healthy practices such as shopping for new walking shoes or getting your nails done.

7. A healthy heart

This simple practice can help you live longer without having to worry about heart conditions. Walking lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the body. It, therefore, keeps your heart safe from diseases. People who walk a lot have a lower chance of getting a heart attack or stroke compared to those who do not.

Regular walking also helps your body regulate blood pressure and sugar levels. Since all these conditions are linked, the right levels are crucial for the overall condition of your heart.

Final Thoughts

The reasons above should make you think twice about boarding a vehicle when you can walk to the desired destination. Walking a few miles may be exhausting, but the habit can save you from unhealthy conditions. Enjoy your walk!

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